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Multilingual Family Outreach Program
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Multilingual Family Outreach Program

Multilingual Family Outreach Program
The Multilingual Department's Family Outreach Specialists work directly with parents and families of English Learners (ELs) to empower them to become involved in all aspects of their children's education.

Our mission is to provide EL families with the support and resources they need to ensure that their children achieve school success, and to strengthen community engagement to accelerate the academic achievement of English Learners.
Multilingual Family Outreach Specialists collaborate with schools, other departments within MPS, and community organizations to engage families through language-specific presentations, workshops, and orientations that focus on topics such as:
  • How to create an environment of learning at home
  • How to communicate effectively with school staff in spite of literacy and language barriers
  • How to connect to school and community resources
  • How to participate in their children’s learning for greater school success
  • Goals and expectations for MPS students

Frequently Asked Questions about EL Services

Community Resource Guide (PDF)
Guía de Recursos Comunitarios (PDF)

Language as a Right and Resource in MN (video from the MN Education Equity Partnership)
Language as a Right and Resource in MN - Spanish
Language as a Right and Resource in MN - Somali
Language as a Right and Resource in MN - Hmong
Language as a Right and Resource in MN - Karen

Understanding EL Services (Spanish) Note: Will download as a PowerPoint presentation

Preparing Your Child for Standardized Tests: