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Immersion Programs
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Immersion Programs

Immersion Programs

Two-Way Dual Immersion

Spanish Dual Immersion programs in Minneapolis Public Schools Programs are designed for native English and native Spanish speaking students to learn both languages together. The goal is for students from both groups to emerge fully bilingual and biliterate in both English and Spanish, to gain cross-cultural competency and to become prepared for a globally interdependent world. In these programs, initial core curriculum and reading and writing are taught primarily in Spanish, with more English content added each year. Teachers support students in developing bilingualism and biliteracy through best practices of scaffolded language instruction embedded within core content learning.

Spanish Dual Immersion programs are available at several schools in MPS, and students are able to follow a pathway to continue in Spanish Immersion programming from Pre-K up to 12th grade.

Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center (PreK - 5th grade): The Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center is a two-way language immersion program for native English and native Spanish speaking students. In Pre-K through 2nd grade, students receive 90% of their instruction in Spanish and 10% of their instruction in English. In 3rd grade through 5th grade, time in English gradually begins to increase with the English/Spanish ratio culminating at 60/40 in the 5th grade. All students learn to read and write fully in both languages. For more information on the program at Emerson, please visit their website.

Windom Dual Immersion School (PreK - 5th grade): The Windom Dual Immersion program follows a 90/10 model for both native English and native Spanish speaking students to become bilingual and biliterate. Under this model, kindergartners and first graders have 90% of their academic day in Spanish and 10% in English. As students move up in grade, the ratio of instruction in English increases. By fifth grade, 40% of the students' academic day is in English. Beginning in kindergarten, students are taught to read in Spanish rather than English in their reading groups so that literacy is taught in Spanish first. Reading instruction continues in Spanish until third grade, when teachers begin to teach English literacy. For more information on the program at Windom, please visit their website.

Sheridan Arts Spanish Dual Immersion (PreK - 4th grade): Sheridan's mission is to provide every student with a diverse, standards-based educational experience through the arts and language immersion instruction. The Sheridan Spanish Immersion program is available for Pre-K to 3rd grade in the 2018-19 school year, and will expand by one grade each year. The program follows a 90/10 model for younger grades, in which 90% of the academic day is in Spanish and 10% in English, with more time in English added in later grades. For more information on the program at Sheridan, please visit their website.

Anwatin Spanish Dual Immersion (6th - 8th grade): Approximately 30% of Anwatin students are enrolled in the Spanish Dual Immersion program, continuing their immersion education from PreK-5 programs. In the Anwatin program, science and humanities (social studies) classes are held in Spanish, as well as advanced Spanish language arts. During the remainder of their day, students are integrated with the greater IB community in core classes (Math, English Language Arts) and electives classes such as Japanese, French, Physical Education, Art, Media Technology, Band, and AVID. Immersion teachers collaborate with the entire Anwatin community to ensure that all students at Anwatin receive a cohesive, comprehensive education. For more information on the program at Anwatin, please visit their website.

Roosevelt High School (9th - 12th grade): Students in 9th and 10th grade in Roosevelt's Spanish Immersion program take two classes: a required content class (Social Studies and Biology) and a Spanish Immersion Language class. Students in 11th and 12th grade take only one class: IB Spanish Higher Level. The language immersion environment is enriched by maintaining approximately a 50/50 ratio of native Spanish speakers and native English speakers. Students who were not previously enrolled in an immersion program but have had schooling in Spanish may be admitted to the program depending on the results of an admission test to assess their academic Spanish. For more information on the program at Roosevelt, please visit their website.