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Special Education
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EL and Special Ed services

EL and Special Ed services

All Special Education students who are also eligible for English Learner services (Dual Eligible students) receive both services as mandated by federal and state law. EL and Special Education teachers work together closely to determine what level of EL service is appropriate for a student, using a Dual Eligible Collaboration Tool to align and document the services a student receives. Service may range from direct EL service to consultation, depending on an individual student’s disability needs. The Multilingual Department works to ensure that all Federal Setting 3 and 4 Special Education students who are also eligible for EL services receive both services.

All Dual Eligible students, including students whose families have chosen to waive EL services, will take the WIDA ACCESS test on a yearly basis. Accommodations listed on the students’ IEP will be followed during test administration. Students with significant cognitive disabilities may be given the Alternate ACCESS for ELs instead. Dual Eligible students are declared proficient and recommended for exiting EL services using the same Exit Criteria that is used for all English Learners.