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Welcome to the Multilingual Department

Welcome to the Multilingual Department
Our Work
The Multilingual Department exists to ensure that all students in Minneapolis Public Schools have opportunities to develop language competency through multiple strands of programming.
Our programs are designed for students in Minneapolis Public Schools to gain cross-cultural competency and achieve full bilingualism and biliteracy to succeed in a globally interdependent world. The cultural and linguistic diversity of the students we serve is our greatest strength. We strive to create quality learning environments that respect, reflect, and accommodate this diversity.
English Learner programs promote academic achievement of students who qualify for English Learner services through research-based instructional strategies, language-rich learning environments, and affirmation of student, family, and community assets. 
Dual Language programs are designed to support students in emerging fully bilingual and biliterate in both English and their home language.
World Language programs are available K-12 in multiple languages to provide opportunities for all students to be global multilingual leaders through the development of multicultural competency and proficiency in a language other than English.
Our Vision
Every English Learner bilingual and biliterate, college and career ready
Our Core Values
Our work is guided by the following values;
  • Bilingualism is an asset
  • All teachers are teachers of English Learners
  • All MPS staff are responsible for the success of English Learners
  • Every parent is a partner

Looking for translation or interpretation support? Please visit Translation and Interpretation Services