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Newcomer Programs
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Newcomer Programs
Newcomer Programs
NABAD Classroom

Newcomer Programs are specifically designed for recent immigrant students with limited English language proficiency. They provide intensive instruction in a special academic environment.
The Multilingual Department works to support schools where newcomer students have been placed. Team members visit schools to meet with ESL teachers or administration and receive a comprehensive overview of their situation, including schedules and existing resources. A Newcomer Toolkit provides several resources to assist sites with their newcomers.

The NABAD Program at Anne Sullivan Communication Center and Andersen United Community School is a one-year program providing intensive English language development and cultural support to Somali students grades 3-8 in their first year in MPS schools, allowing students to then make a smooth transition to their community school or school of choice.
Wellstone International High School provides innovative English and content instruction for newcomer students ages 17-21. Wellstone offers accelerated English language development and an accredited high school curriculum, and partners with local colleges to enable many advanced students to take classes at MCTC and the University of Minnesota while they are still in high school.