EL Programs

English Learner Programs

English Learner Programs

The English Learner (EL) Program in Minneapolis Public Schools consists of a comprehensive language development program for English Learners that incorporates an ongoing and intensive focus on academic English language development to support the development of reading, writing, speaking and listening in English. 

Programs that promote accelerated academic achievement for English Learners focus on:
  • Developing cognitive academic language proficiency as well as basic interpersonal communication skills
  • Building literacy skills in students' native language that will readily transfer to building literacy in English
  • Teaching specific English language development
  • Using instruction in students' first language to teach grade-level content (bilingual instruction)
  • Training teachers in the development of specific instructional strategies for dual language immersion or sheltered instruction programs

Placement and Assessment

English Learners are students whose first language is not English. They can also be students who have difficulty with English because they have grown up listening to another language, or students born in the Unites States who first spoke another language.
The service an English Learner receives depends on the student’s English proficiency level, previous U.S. schooling and time in the U.S., and current academic achievement level. At each proficiency and grade level, the English learning structure is tailored to students' needs.
Students' English language proficiency is assessed with the WIDA ACCESS test. This assessment is given annually to students in grades K-12 who have been identified as English Learners to monitor their progress in acquiring academic English. See English Learner Identification Criteria or the Assessment and Testing page for more information.