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City of Lakes AmeriCorps
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City of Lakes AmeriCorps
City of Lakes AmeriCorps
CoL member and students
The City of Lakes AmeriCorps program is a partnership between Minneapolis Community Education and the Multilingual Department of Minneapolis Public Schools.
City of Lakes (CoL) AmeriCorps members have been serving K-12 students in the Minneapolis Public Schools since 1994. Members work with intermediate level Long-Term English Learners to improve academic language proficiency and literacy skills. View this infographic to learn about the impact this program is having!
For 2016-17, 23 full-time and 9 part-time members
are serving in eight MPS schools. Members currently serve in the following schools:
  •      Andersen United Community School
  •      Anne Sullivan Communication Center
  •      Anwatin Middle School (after school only)
  •      Hmong International Academy
  •      Northeast Middle School
  •      Ramsey Middle School
  •      Sanford Middle School
  •      Seward Montessori School
The mission of City of Lakes AmeriCorps is to provide Long-Term English Learners
CoL member and students
access to grade-level content through dedicated and rigorous language learning support. Our mission for members is to build a learning community through service, reflection and inquiry.
Our vision is to serve, and not fix*, in order to eradicate the opportunity gap for Long-Term English Learners.
* Based on the poem "A Fixer"
Our goal for our students is that they are engaged and empowered to achieve their full potential. Our goal for our members is that
CoL member and student
they are engaged and empowered to serve as values-driven leaders in their communities.


  • Building relationships with students through intentional interactions and youth development best practices.
  • Utilizing a gradual release of responsibility and tutoring strategies from Kate Kinsella and other research-based approaches.
  • Creating a home connection between members and students' families.
  • Collaborating closely with teachers to form a teacher-member-student partnership.