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Welcome to the Multilingual Department of Minneapolis Public Schools
Welcome to the Multilingual Department of Minneapolis Public Schools

In 2014, an EL Advisory Task Force was convened to provide recommendations for the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) in the dissemination of the EL Allocation Funding through the Global Education Department, for English Learners support, allocated by the MPS School Board.

The 2014 Omnibus Bill—English Learners Legislation legislative items (also known as the LEAPS Act), served as a guide to the EL Task Force under the direction of MPS Deputy Education Officer.

For more information about programming for this funding allocation for English Learners and for this new alignment, visit the Global Education page.

Here you will find helpful information about the diverse learning opportunities that are available for all multilingual learners in Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS). The cultural and linguistic diversity of the students we serve is our greatest strength. We strive to create quality learning environments

that respect, reflect, and accommodate this diversity.

Vision: Every English Learner bilingual and biliterate, college and career ready
Mission: The Multilingual Department empowers educators and leaders to develop language-rich learning environments  that raise the achievement of English Learners through:
  • Consistent, high quality programming
  • Research-based instructional strategies
  • Shared accountability for student learning
  • Affirmation and development of student, family, and community asset
Core Values: Our work is guided by the following values;
  • Bilingualism is an asset
  • All teachers are teachers of English Learners
  • All MPS staff are responsible for the success of English Learners
  • Every parent is a partner